Western Australia: housing price and price/m²

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Housing price details

The median price of an apartment for sale is AUD 7,856. That means there are as many properties more expensive than AUD 7,856 as cheaper. As for houses for sale, the median price is AUD 3,882.
Number of roomsMedian price
StudioAUD 7,840
2 piècesAUD 6,973
3 piècesNot enough listings
4 piècesNot enough listings
5 piècesNot enough listings
Number of roomsMedian price
4 piècesAUD 3,643
5 piècesAUD 3,151
6 piècesNot enough listings
7 piècesNot enough listings
8 piècesNot enough listings

Western Australia: all details of housing price

LocationPrice per m² – apartmentsPrice per m² – houses
City of Perth
AUD 8,332
Not enough listings
City of WannerooNot enough listings
AUD 4,510
City of GosnellsNot enough listings
AUD 3,097
City of ArmadaleNot enough listings
AUD 3,282
City of StirlingNot enough listings
AUD 5,048
City of CanningNot enough listings
AUD 3,556
City of RockinghamNot enough listings
AUD 4,074
Shire of MurrayNot enough listings
AUD 2,784
City of BelmontNot enough listings
AUD 5,641

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